About Me


The Super Medium

bio-imageWhen I was a little girl, it was normal for me to see spirits or dream about future events. I used to play tag with my spirit guides through the house, closing my bedroom door so fast in the hopes that they would not follow me. I didn’t realize at that time that they could go through closed doors! I was raised a strict Catholic and spent a lot of time in church where I often found myself talking to statues. Even as a child, my intuition told me I should pray for people in need and I felt that it was my duty to pray for others.

As an adult, I kept my gift for communicating with spirits a secret because there was a stigma attached to it and I didn’t want my friends to be frightened. Later, I joined a charismatic group where I practiced prayer for healing others, and I started to realize that I should embrace my gift. Today, thanks to television shows and people being more educated in matters of the spirit, a road has opened for people such as myself to help others without judgment. Today I am proud and happy to be me and I look forward to sharing my gift in an effort to make a difference in peoples lives.